Friday, March 20, 2009

Tor/Sufjan Stevens- "Illinoize"

If you like Sufjan Stevens, and you like rap music (at least rap music set to the music of skinny white guys), definitely check out the Illinoize album, a mashup by some guy named Tor. Basically, he took some exisiting rap songs and set them to the music of songs from Sufjan's various albums. You can stream the songs on the website, or download them for free. Most of the songs work pretty well; I would say that tracks #1 and #6 are the best in my opinion. It suffers the most on track #4, but this is mainly due to rapper Grand Puba attempting to sing (which is part of the original song that it was sampled from, and therefore not really the fault of the mashup). If I was more blog-competent, I would figure out how to embed some of these songs, but I don't, so you'll have to check them out yourself.

Hat tip to blogger and Birmingham friend Eric for the heads up.

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Evan Hillyer said...

This is pretty sick. I always wished that something like this would happen. Whenever I listen to Sufjan I always feel like there is something missing. The track with Brother Ali is pretty awesome.