Monday, May 11, 2009

A change of scenery

Photo by brendanlim

After graduating from grad school in Clemson on Friday, I am now back living with my parents in metro Atlanta while I look for a job. I would like to say that this explains the lack of recent posts, but it is only partially true. I will try to do better here in the near future.

While I had originally been dreading the idea of moving back, I am looking forward to spending time here and reconnecting with old friends. There is lots to do around town in the summer, so it should be nice. While I enjoyed my time in Clemson, I am certainly glad to be out of there.

P.S.- If you know of anyone in commercial real estate in Atlanta who you could put me in touch with, that would be awesome.


Memphis88 said...

Congratulations on the graduation, man.

Kim said...

Congratulations on your graduation. We're still on the graduation high from last weekend when Jenna graduated from Tech. She, luckily, has an apartment in Midtown so she's not hanging around the house trying to avoid people she doesn't want to see. She's still waiting for a firm job offer, but it looks like she'll be leaving for either Chicago or Houston in the near future.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Trip. Good luck on the job hunt. I'll miss your late night visits to Peppino's.

Tucker said...

Congrats, Trip, and best of luck on the job search.

Anonymous said...

What area of commercial real estate are you interested in? Sales, leasing, development, management, etc.


trip said...


Thanks, man. When do you graduate?


Congrats to you and your daughter. Finishing up at GT certainly is something to be proud of. Glad to hear the job outlook for her is looking pretty good.


Thanks, maybe I'll stop by Peppino's if I'm up there for a football game in the fall.


Thanks, I appreciate it.


I would prefer something in development since that's what my degree was in, but I am also open to real estate investment and asset management.

DAM said...

Trip - what happened to the District? Weren't you looking at a move North at one point?

trip said...


Yes, I had been looking pretty hard at D.C., but despite my best efforts nothing ever seemed to pan out. At his point, since I am already living in Atlanta, I figure it is probably easiest to just focus my efforts here.

Memphis88 said...

I graduate next May and then on to law school (hopefully). I'm looking forward to being done with undergrad, but even just the thought of law school is daunting.