Saturday, August 23, 2008

An autumnal wishlist

Fall is approaching, ever so slowly, and my thoughts are now turning towards autumn clothing. As I believe I have mentioned before, it is my favorite season, clothing-wise, and I always look to it with great anticipation. I would say, however, that I feel like I really am approaching a point where I have assembled a near-complete wardrobe. Aside from replacing my entire set of khakis and picking up some more tweed jackets (which, income-wise, are at least a year away), there isn't too much that I am looking to acquire. These are a few of the items that I have been thinking about, though:

Drifter Cardigan from Lands End

Although I do not own a cardigan at this point, I like this one because it seems to have a less old-manish cut, and also doesn't have those dumb little pockets on it.

Shawl-collar fleece pullover from J. Crew

Although more closely resembling a sweatshirt than a sweater, I think this is a really good looking piece.

Red Wing classic Irish Setter boots

These are a reproduction of the Red Wing 877 for J. Crew. They apparently even have the old Irish Setter tags on the inside. Frankly, these boots are amazing. Unfortunately, for $325, they will likely not be mine and I will have to settle for the regular issue Red Wing 877s.


Anonymous said...

I like the shawl collar sweaters as well. I've got my eye on Orvis' offering:

Anonymous said...

These boots also caught my eye, Trip. They look something like a work boot/bird shooter hybrid. Hopefully we can grab them on sale soon.

Anonymous said...

wow....just wow.

John said...

I feel like you owe your readers more of an explanation concerning your decision to sponsor the cardigan. I assume the sweater you will eventually acquire will not be hand-knitted by your mother, nor are you over the age of 60. As such, a cardigan on you will not be interpreted as endearing in the same manner as the pieces we associate with our dearly departed friend Fred Rogers. What you are left with is a piece of knit wear we frequently see adorning the backs of desk chairs in offices everywhere whose owners are almost exclusively middle aged women attempting to thwart off feeling too chilly . Be careful Trip, you are turning into my mother.

trip said...


I appreciate your concern for keeping me from looking like an old man, or old woman. I believe that there are two keys to making the cardigan work well. #1- It needs to be more form-fitting and have a more modern cut. J.Crew would be a good source for these, and I'm hoping that this Lands End one will be similar. Baggy cardigans are the 1st step on the way to Oldmanville. #2- I think that the cardigan really seems to look best when worn with a buttondown and a tie. In this way, the cardigan acts almost like a casual blazer. Additionally, I think that buttoning the middle buttons, while not buttoning the top and bottom buttons (like a suit jacket) is really the best way to go, also.

wes said...

this is why you are single.Ok the boots are cool.

Anonymous said...

I've tried the Orvis Shawl, which looked so cool in the catalog, but paled in real life.

Also, Red Wings ropers, with leather sole, can be had for about $125. They are tried and true in Kentucky and Tennessee, I know.

However, I have become a big fan of Ariat boots because of the comfy, all-day, fit.

Elisa M said...

Could you get the guy in the sweater for me as well? If we ordered together maybe we can save on the shipping.

I love a good shawl neck sweater on a man, as well as a cardigan, but only with a tie. With a Tshirt is NEVER a good idea. No matter what the hipsters say or do. never

trip said...


I don't know who that t-shirt comment was directed to, but I will assume that it was not to me seeing as how I do not wear t-shirts. But I will agree that it is a terrible look.

Elisa M said...

NO, it was not to you. I know your feeling on T shirts. It was a general statement to any men reading this who may think that is a good idea. I try to spread the word however I can about this travesty.

Anonymous said...

Please buy that sweater at the top. That screams pedophile and Mr. Rogers at the same time. Hilarious.