Tuesday, November 25, 2008

County Comm

In an email exchange with Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean today he mentioned a store called County Comm. While he was mainly pointing out the NATO watch straps that they have (only $12!), after looking around at the rest of the products they have, it is clear that they have some awesome stuff. Here are some personal favorites:

The aforementioned NATO watch straps (that orange is pretty sweet looking, and they are available in sizes up to 22mm)- $12.00

Peanut Lighter- $5.00

Marathon quartz watch
(similar to the one I mentioned in my watch post, but this one shows the date, and is $20 cheaper)- $125.00

XL Bail Out Bag (the bag on the right; I really like this thing)- $39.00

Martac Range Bag
(I like laptop compartment on the side)- $69

I should mention that County Comm really needs to work on the navigability of their website. A list of a good number of things on their website can be found here.

1 comment:

Tucker said...

County comm is one of my favs.

Do you know about www.broadarrow.net? Also one of the best.