Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The List of Manly Maintenance

Buying quality products inevitably requires a bit of periodic maintenance to make sure that they will last for a long time and look or perform their best while doing it. I submit the following list as the manliest of these activities:

1. Cleaning guns
2. Waxing a Barbour jacket
3. Polishing shoes
4. Mowing the grass
5. Washing the car


Patrick said...

Trip, what if you live in a walkable urban neighborhood and don't own a car? You miss out on two of these. What's an urbanist to do to prove he's manly?

Anonymous said...

I think you missed, scraping and re-painting your Catboat in the spring!

Anonymous said...

If you live in a walkable urban neighborhood I recommend buying more guns and cleaning them. :) -wood

Zingiber said...

Whenever I bring in logs for the fireplace I feel manly. Another one is changing the propane tank on the grill (I have to lug it ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE YARD from the driveway).

Unknown said...

polishing your shoes is not manly, thats what the guy in the mall does, and how often do you really wax your barber jacket, and girls are supposed to wash cars in bathing suits. I would ditch those three and add changing your oil and cleaning the grill,and working out

Unknown said...

Polishing you shoes is indeed manly. Incredibly so. It shows pride in your appearance and the dude in the mall doesn't care like I do.

Need to add in lining reels, de salting the boat (after saltwater excursions), cleaning fly lines, and of course reloading spent magazines.