Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drake Old School Camo

Although duck season is pretty much over, the appearance of camo on several of the clothing blogs lately (as Greg mentions here) reminded me of this.

Drake is one of the better-known makers of waterfowl clothing and accessories, all of which come in a variety of the latest and greatest camos (Max-4 HD, Mossy Oak Duckblind, etc.). However, they recently introduced a line of gear in the waterfowl camo of old, what they are calling their "Old School Camo."

This stuff looks great, and if you were so possessed to wear camo in some sort of non-hunting environment (not that I am endorsing it), I think this should be your first choice. As for its use in the field, while it may not look like a photo of a marsh like some of the modern camos do, there is no telling how many thousands of ducks have been shot over the decades by guys wearing this stuff, so I would say that its pedigree is already spoken for. So whether you're sitting in a freezing duck blind at 6:30 in the morning, or riding your fixie through the streets of Brooklyn, here are some highlights:

EST Heat-Escape Waterproof Button-Up Shirt

MST Waterfowl Fleece-Lined Full Zip

Old School LST Down Coat

MST Fleece-Lined Pant

Check out the whole line here.


Anonymous said...

A one time hunting companion of mine wore a mi-thigh length hooded parka in that splotchy old school camo. It was from LLBean. A great garment. Wish I had one.

Anonymous said...

I always try to make sure my camo is as shitty and mismatched as possible.

You never want to be the city kid with all the gear and no idea. And you need an excuse when the birds flare because of your terrible calling.

James said...

Oh man, it hurts when your hunting gear is now"old school"!

jedd Rose said...

Really great find. I just can't get myself to wear the new patterns just because of the sheer fugliness. I'd rather spook birds . . . guess now I don't have to.

RHW said...

Old school camo, or even very dark OD green is what I wear in the duck blind and deer stand. I don't care at all for the new patterns no matter how invisible they claim to make you. Keep the "scent masking" technology away too.