Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Style Icon- G. Bruce Boyer

Photo credit: The Sartorialist

In case you didn't know, G. Bruce Boyer is an author and was fashion editor at Town & Country, GQ, and Esquire. I think that he is one of the most stylish men in America. He has really done so much for promoting American style (as opposed to American or Italian), and that is clear in his own style choices. He is dressy without being pretentious or stuff, and conservative but with enough small touches to keep it from being boring (like his penchant for only wearing suede shoes).

I was given a copy of his book, Elegance- A Guide to Quality in Menswear (thanks Alan C.) and it is one of the best books about clothing that I own.

Here are some various photos of him from the interwebs.

Photo credit: The Sartorialist

Photo credit: The Sartorialist

Photo credit: The Sartorialist

Photo credit: The Sartorialist

G. Bruce Boyer (along with Andy Gilchrist and Alex Kabbaz) sporting a Barbour jacket at last year's Collection of Sartorial Excellence (Photo credit: Collection of Sartorial Excellence).


Anonymous said...

I dig that tweed herringbone overcoat in the first picture - could definitely come in handy on chilly mornings en route to class.

Would he be the Grace Coddington to Glen O'Brien's Anna Wintour?

AlanC said...

Just browsing the Trip archives and came across this post. I'd forgotten I'd given you that book. As chance would have it, I was able to correspond via email with Mr. Boyer. He was quite cordial, and even signed some books for me.