Tuesday, September 7, 2010

College circle logo hats

As every true American knows, college football started this past weekend. While there isn't much to say about the games this weekend, every true SEC fan*, and most ACC fans, know that looking good at the game is almost as important as the game itself.

It's pretty common knowledge that the white bar hats made by The Game are de rigeur, but a couple of months back, Ashlyn Stallings, Southern blogger and professional ADPi (TSM), pointed out these hats on her blog. They're also made by The Game, and are available for most SEC and ACC schools (and for some other conferences which also exist, apparently), but come with loads of old school style. Plus, they're only $17. Order one for your favorite school and keep the bill flat so that you look like you stepped out of a tailgate in 1984 (TFM).

*This does not include Florida fans. Jorts, anyone?