Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brooks Brothers doesn't get it

I got an email from Brooks Brothers this morning telling about their new luggage collection done in conjunction with Hartmann. They seemed pretty proud about how "timeless" it was. Here is one of their pieces:

Now compare with J. Crew's luggage done in conjunction with Globe-Trotter:

I think it is pretty clear which is more timeless. Now, the one from J. Crew does cost about three times as much as the Brooks one, but Brooks have never seemed to shy away from having some items, particularly luggage, with over the top prices. I don't know why they did this time around. Come on Brooks, let's try a little harder.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Funny the Way" that Dave Matthews could make a song this terrible

Listening to the radio lately, Dave Matthews Band's new song "Funny the Way It Is" has been on pretty heavy rotation. This is the first single off of their upcoming record Big Whiskey & the Groogrux King. Frankly, it is terrible. There is practically no rhyming, the lyrics seem kind of "preachy," and the music itself is just weird. This song is pretty much worse than the entire Everyday album. I thought that Dave's solo album Some Devil was really good, and even thought that Stand Up wasn't too bad. To me, this definitely represents a step in the wrong direction. I thought about linking a video of this song from Youtube, but decided that I don't want it on my blog.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A change of scenery

Photo by brendanlim

After graduating from grad school in Clemson on Friday, I am now back living with my parents in metro Atlanta while I look for a job. I would like to say that this explains the lack of recent posts, but it is only partially true. I will try to do better here in the near future.

While I had originally been dreading the idea of moving back, I am looking forward to spending time here and reconnecting with old friends. There is lots to do around town in the summer, so it should be nice. While I enjoyed my time in Clemson, I am certainly glad to be out of there.

P.S.- If you know of anyone in commercial real estate in Atlanta who you could put me in touch with, that would be awesome.

New Music

Thanks to receiving Itunes gift cards for graduation from my parents and college roommate, I have been like a kid in a candy store on Itunes. Here are four albums that I have recently picked up:

American Hearts by A.A. Bondy

Sara Watkins' new self-titled album

Songs We Sing by Matt Costa

M. Ward's latest, Hold Time

I still have $35 worth of Itunes credit left at this point. It's going to be tough, but I'm going to do my best to save it.