Monday, September 26, 2011

"Made Right Here"

I met Max Wastler and Joe Gannon a couple of years ago in Nashville.

I had gone up to Murfreesboro for my cousin's college graduation and, being a follower of Max's blog All Plaidout, I saw on Twitter that he was up in Nashville that day. I sent him a DM and ended up meeting up with him for margaritas that night. With him was Joe Gannon, singer Matt Wertz, Matt Springer (@baconkisses on Twitter), and a couple of other guys. Although Max and I had exchanged some emails before, it was great finally getting to meet him face-to-face. Joe was also a great guy and super friendly. It was fairly serendipitous evening, and I'm glad that I got to meet both of them, though I'm constantly in awe of their enviable mustaches.

In addition to the online store that they recently opened (Buckshot Sonny's), Max and Joe just finished a trailer for a show that they're trying to pitch called "Made Right Here." In the trailer, Max and Joe visit several shops around Tennessee and try their hand at some good ol' American manufacturing. It's entertaining and also interesting to get to see the inside operations at iconic places like Pointer Brand and Imogene + Willie. Matt Springer, mentioned above, it also a part of the production team. If you've got a few minutes, give it a look.

"Made Right Here" pitch spot from RICK PAGE on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Old Try

About a month ago I got an email from a guy named Micah Whitson. He and his wife, Marianna, both Southerners by birth, moved to Boston five years ago.

Not too long ago, in an attempt to bring a touch of the South to the (sometimes) frigid land north of the Mason Dixon, they started a company called Old Try and started creating prints on an old letterpress machine. Each one is designed by them, printed in runs of 100 on cotton paper, and distinctly Southern. Check out some of their current offerings below.

I'm not really much of an "art guy." However, these really appealed to me, and for only $40 a piece, they appealed to my wallet. I ended up ordering three from them. I got the Georgia state flag, City of Atlanta, and New/Old South ones.

I asked Micah about plans for any upcoming prints. He said that his wife told him that they had to sell 100 prints before they would do another one, but that he has a notebook full of ideas. I asked him if he'd be willing to share some potential ideas and he sent me the following photos, which include a preview of the upcoming Virginia print.

He also sent me a photo of the desk where he does his sketches. He had this to say about it: "Marianna's grandfather, a lawyer in Wilmington, NC, who turns 90 in a month who still goes into the office, made it with his hands and a few tools. I think it was more hands than anything. He's a pretty amazing character."

If you're from the South (or even if you're a Yankee), I've got a feeling you can find something you'd like on their page. Go check them out and order a print or two...or three.