Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recommended Blog: all plaidout

I came across this blog thanks to a link by Hollister Hovey. I don't really know too much about the man behind it, but he does seem to have a good taste. I particularly liked this image of Andrew Bird that he posted (though I will admit to being unfamiliar with his music).

I would describe the blog as being similar to A Continuous Lean, but with a slightly different flavor. Besides, any blog whose concept is based around plaid really can't be that bad (sorry that that rhymed).


Anonymous said...

Hey dope,

Hollister is a girl. Lady actually. Good reading comprehension. You must be very smart.

trip said...

Hey moron,

I'm more than aware of that. The guy I was referring to is the blogger behind "all plaidout," who is a male. Good reading comprehension. Maybe one day you can be as smart as me.

Anonymous said...

Andy Bird = Earl Hickey sans moustache

Anonymous said...

Listen to Andrew Bird. He'll change your world for the best.


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about mate, fashion is one of the most shallow things to be concerned with ever!, try not to be such a fashion fascist, let everyone wear what they want its called freedom, if everyone thought like you we would all live in North Korea, imagine if everyone dressed like you not only would that annoy you but the world would be stale, its about expression you plank!