Thursday, March 12, 2009

District of Columbia

I leave for D.C. early tomorrow morning. I will be up there for a week trying to find a job and visiting friends. When I drive up there, I usually take I-85 to I-77 to I-81 to I-66. From what I understand, this is a little longer than taking I-85 to I-95, but I love looking at the mountains more than getting there quicker. It's all about the journey anyways, right?

I took this picture of my way back from D.C. in December


Anonymous said...

If you have the time, try the Skyline Drive instead of 81.

SMarge said...

"It's all about the journey..."
That is a very therapeutic thing to say.

ADG said...

Good idea to avoid as much of I-95 as possible. The stretch from just south of Petersburg to DC is some of the most dangerous interstate mileage you can cover. It's freakin crazy.

Anonymous said...

Took a road trip from South Texas to North Texas during Spring Break. I forgot how big the state is, and what great Mom and Pop cafe's still exists in small towns all over the state.
Was in a lunch place called "Lou's" outside of Winnsboro, TX that served a great caramel pie.