Monday, August 10, 2009

Safari shirts

I am probably behind the curve on this trend, but that's OK with me since I generally avoid trends. However, I have noticed bush/safari style shirts showing up lately, and frankly, I like 'em. With dove season quickly approaching, I think these would be a great option for the corn field.

While shirts with double chest pockets are pretty easy to find, I think that the epaulets really set the safari shirt apart, and as a result, they were the primary criteria in my selection (though I doubt that I would have any actual use for them). I also don't like the shirts with new-fangled zippers and extra pockets that some companies offer. No; I want just two pockets on the chest, buttons only. I was also only looking for long-sleeve versions. Here is what I found:

Cabela's Long-Sleeve Safari Shirt
Coming in at just $25.95 and available in six different colors (not that you really need more than khaki and possibly and olive one), this one from Cabela's is hard to beat. It comes in a 65% polyester/35% cotton blend, which seems to be pretty common for these shirts.

US Wings Khaki Shirt
If you want 100% cotton, look no further. This one is also available in a short-sleeve version, and at $33.95, it is still pretty reasonable. Made in the US, natch.

Lost Worlds Safari Bush Shirt
This is the ultimate version. A replica of the old Willis & Geiger safari shirt, this thing is about as authentic as your can get. I think that the large buttons really set this one apart from the other two. It is available in multiple fabrics and colors, though it will set you back a pretty penny at $165. Christmas is just around the corner though...


Tommy said...

It's kind of a neat look, but I agree that reserving it for dove hunting is a good idea. Out and about (and especially with similar pants, etc.) would be a bit costume-y.

M.Lane said...

I love them. And I love Safari jackets. Once you hit 50, you can wear them everywhere and everyone thinks you are just returned from an adventure...


ADG said...

I could never make 'em work for me. Seems to channel the wildlife show hosts and that's not my gig.