Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ellie's Bow Ties

Several months back, a member on a certain men's clothing forum that I frequent posted a picture of a bow tie that his wife had recently made for him using leftover seersucker material. We were all quite impressed, and a little later he came back to us to let us know that his wife had made some more bow ties, if any of us were interested in one. After that, they began offering more choices in fabric as well as options for customization (length, width, shape, etc.). Since then, Ellie LaVeer's cottage business seems to have taken off. There was an article about her in The State, Columbia, SC's newspaper, and there is an interview with her over on E.J. Forbes' blog.

You can check out her current selection at In addition to bow ties, she is now making ascots and pocket square, and she can convert your long ties into bow ties for only $23 (something I hope to be taking advantage of in the future). Speaking of prices, they are hard to beat as all bow ties are $23, which includes shipping, though you will have to pay sales tax if you are in South Carolina. While I have not personally tried one of her bow ties (yet), I have seen plenty of pictures and read enough testimony to give them a high recommendation.


Ed Forbes said...

Thanks for the plug -- and congratulations again to Ellie!

Mens Ties said...

It could have been better if u would have shown some tie’s on the shirt with different combinations.

DKNY Designer Suits said...

I don't mind buying bow ties because my sister can make me one out of any unused clothes.