Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inside Information on Michael Bastian for Gant

There has been a lot of anticipation for the new Fall 2010 Gant line, designed by Michael Bastian. For his inspiration, Bastian was reportedly heavily influenced by lacrosse, and the line is decidedly preppy and sporty (just like lacrosse should be). However, based on some detective work, A Trip Down South has been able to discover just how Bastian was able to capture the essence of the Fastest Game on Two Feet:

Michael Bastian is, in fact, the Ultimate Lax Bro.



Anonymous said...

I like Bastian, but the use of lacrosse in his new line is disappointing for the new Gant. It's like how Abercrombie uses it, nothing but cheap imagery and allusion.

Oh and I played lax in high school and college....that youtube video is dead on lol

Anonymous said...

Was not impressed with the line, tried to hard to create the lax uniform loved by NE lacrosse kids.