Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Seersucker is in season, so I figured the mint julep was too.
He is risen, indeed. Happy Easter.


JMW said...

Happy Easter! Yep, saw plenty of seersucker at church on Sunday. Go ahead, break out the bourbon. Derby is only two weeks away - it's time to start perfecting the perfect julep. :)

Anonymous said...

Recipe please?

trip said...

Mint julep recipe:
-Ice (lots, and crushed, preferably)
-Simple syrup, to taste

Add all ingredients to a glass (or julep cup if you have one). Don't muddle the mint, just rub it between your fingers. Stir.

Anonymous said...

I think I read in How To Be a Gentleman that seersucker is permissible between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

trip said...

For seersucker, the rule is generally as follows: below the Mason-Dixon line it is Easter to Labor Day; above the Mason-Dixon it is Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Birddog said...

I might also suggest an excellent late 1800 mint julep recipe from William Alexander Percy's Lanterns on the Levee. If I could find my copy I would post it.