Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dream car: 1985 Mercedes 300TD

I recognize the fact that most males my age pine after Porsches or Ferraris or other completely unattainable exotic sports cars. My object of desire is a bit more humble. The 1985 Mercedes 300TD, a diesel station wagon, is what my heart is set after. Oh yes, it will indeed have the jump seats in the very back that face backwards. I'm not too picky on the color; the red one from Dan in Real Life was pretty nice looking, but it is hard to beat navy. Please enjoy these various pictures that I have scavenged from the internet:

The money shot:

I have it on good word from cousin (who previously worked as a mechanic at a Mercedes shop) that the diesel versions are much more reliable than the standard versions; not only do they break less, but the necessary repairs that are often required usually cost significantly less than their unleaded gas-consuming cousins. The only obstacle that worries me is the cost of diesel. In spite of the better-than-unleaded gas mileage, with diesel pushing $5 a gallon, and with no drop in price in sight, I'm afraid that the impracticality (that is, the impracticality beyond owning a 20+ year old car) might be stacked too high against the fantastic looks and imitable 1980s soccer mom cache of this car.


SMarge said...

Tripster- are you serious?...

trip said...

Quite serious.

Carrie said...

david carrigan/threadcraft is in the process of converting his mercedes to run on vegetable oil. somehow, the idea of you begging at the back door of a chinese restaurant for their used vegetable oil -- bowtie and all -- just makes me smile.

Tony Ventresca said...

Your mechanic friend is correct: the diesel Mercedes engines are much simpler engine than the gasoline engines, therefore requiring significantly less maintenance. Just remember, on cars of this age rust is a problem.

Anonymous said...

I take offense to you assuming something is me. Not sure why you would do that. I am a Tripper supporter not a hater.

I would assume if any negative comments were brought to this blog they came from one person and one person only. That’s right.....Chris W. When will the 2 of you stop this prep on prep violence? Somebody has to be the bigger man and just waive the pink shirt of surrender.

Granted, I wouldn't buy one of those cars at gunpoint or at threats of cutting off my nads. But that isn't to say I wouldn't fully support your purchase.

Hell, I will buy it for you. I will mail you 10 bucks tomorrow. That should cover it.

Elisa M said...

you are hilarious. I can just see you in your seersuck and bowtie, with madras attired children waving out the backseats like some sort of preppy Sound Of Music. and your hot wife wearing Ralph Lauren, with your Visla in the back.

in Nantucket.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ride.

Pair it with an classic Alpha Romeo drop top when you hit your mid-life crisis.

Cool often trumps horse power and road-course handling agility and can be surprisingly affordable.

Unknown said...

I love those cars as well. Station Wagons are hard to find. I ended up with a Jetta Wagon and I love it! It is a bit boxy, great on gas, and a little quirky ( mine is fire engine red, with all the necessary stickers on it) Check out the VW Wagons, not the same but still fun! Becs

trip said...


Thanks for the tip about rust; hadn't really considered it, but I'm sure you are correct that it is something to watch out for.

Mr. Bredon,

Frankly, your user name frightens me a little bit, but the Alfa Romeo does sound like a good suggestion. I am a little concerned about the Italians' ability to make a quality automobile, though.


Thanks for the link on your blog. I do like the suggestion of VW (and Audi) station wagons, however, I'm afraid that the build quality of modern VWs is something that frightens me too much to ever give them a try.

tintin said...

I was a big fan of the TD wagon - -until i drove one. It's a little ruff but it has great style and they do rust. Hell, the new ones rust. I have the E320 wagon in forest green with oyster interior and it just went over 100,000. I'm never getting rid of it.

I like to wear a bow tie with a blazer and khakis and put a 18th C chest of drawers in the back and drive around preteding I'm an antiques dealer.

Kim said...

You don't want a VW. Seriously. We've spent $12,000 fixing a $10,000 Jetta.

That backseat reminds me of going to the swimming pool in the next town in my cousins' car with the sun beating in on us while we are facing backwards. Carsick much?

Petunia said...

You can't go wrong with a Mercedes. I'm on my 2nd and have not *knock on wood* had one problem with either. My next car and the one after that will all be Mercedes. I realllly want the 2010 GLK class (pic of one is on my blog). It is HOT!
Trip, you seem to be a good advice guru---how do I get my hubby to buy me the 2010 GLK considering the gas crisis and this awful economy???

hayleypierpont said...

A man after my own heart, you clearly have excellant taste in cars.