Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am relatively new to the website muxtape, but I am a pretty big fan already. Basically, it is the 21st century equivalent of the mix tape in which a person can upload a playlist of 12 songs onto the internet for anyone to stream on their computer. I would say that I have generally enjoyed creating and sharing mix tapes (or CDs); my most famous series being the "Ultra Sexy Love Mixes" that were created and given to some friends during college (wow, I sure talk about my "crazy" college days on here a lot). Anyways, I have not created a muxtape of my own yet, but I have two that I would recommend that were created by two bloggers whose blogs I enjoy.

The first is Hollister Hovey's "Americana" mix. I really enjoy this one, and, as a result, have found that I really enjoy the artist A.A. Bondy, who has two songs on this mix (mux?). Also, Jim James and Calexico's cover of Bob Dylan's "Goin' to Acapulco" from the movie I'm Not There is a highlight. Be sure to check out Hollister's blog.

Second, I like Michael Williams' mix which he says was "designed for dive bar drinking." I think maybe I like the concept more than the music itself; while listening to it I really can imagine these songs playing on a jukebox in a dive bar (perhaps my favorite kind of bar). Michael's blog can be found here.

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