Sunday, September 28, 2008

The "third item"

Frankly, I would say that I am a pretty boring dresser. Most days, I usually wear khakis or jeans (khaki shorts in the warmer months) and an oxford cloth buttondown (OCBD) shirt. I have OCBDs in several different colors, and also have sport shirts in madras for the warmer months and some shirts different checks and plaids for the cooler months. However, the general equation is usually just pants+shirt=dressed.

Once the weather cools down, though, I am able to bring some more variety to my daily dress by incorportating, what I refer to as, the "third item." This is usually a sweater, a sport coat, a jacket (like a Barbour), or even a tie, but I feel like it is the essential item to completing an outfit (I do hesitate to use the word "outfit" since that is usually a word that women use, thouh I feel like I am using it in a slightly different context). This "third item" can completely change the outfit by becoming the focal point, making the pants and shirts to perform their roles as supporting players. When I am able to wear this third item, that is when I really feel like I am "dressed."

The fact is, though, that it is simply too hot to incorporate this "third item" pretty much from June through most of Septemeber. Of course one can wear a tie or blazer during these warmer months, but for the most part, it is simply not the preferable choice. Now that the temperatures are dropping, I am looking forward to making the most of my wardrobe.


Ray Frensham said...

"Third item" eh? Just push the boat out and wear that casual bow tie that everyone else asks "gee, how do you tie one of them?". It just transforms the look and the feel one has when wearing it.

Paper Clip said...

I like the "third item" theory. I dress/feel the same way....I have enjoyed getting out all my sweaters and vests this weekend now that it is October and cool.

Tommy said...

I can definitely relate to this. Don't you hate getting fall/winter catalogs in the d-e-a-d of summer? I'm sweating through my polo while even thinking about a wool blend.