Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"A wonderful tribute to a man who is inspiring 10's of people"

Larry Langford, mayor of Birmingham, is a dumb-ass. Frankly, that is putting it lightly, but I suppose I will refrain from using worse language on the blog. Fortunately, the New York Times has realized this and recently published an article entitled "Mayor Pushes Skeptical Birmingham to Dream on an Olympic Scale." I think that the first two paragraphs do a good job of summing up this point:

"BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In his first year as Birmingham’s mayor, Larry P. Langford has proposed a $500 million domed stadium, a $125 million law enforcement complex and a $33 million trolley car network.

But those ideas were dwarfed by Mr. Langford’s proclamation this month: He wants the Olympics."

This whole article really made me frustrated to read. I worry about going back to Birmingham after I finish up grad school and having to deal with the consequences of his time on County Council and as mayor. The only hope is that he doesn't get reelected next term. Perhaps if the people who voted for him last time would read the following sentence, they might realize just how stupid he is: “There’s all this talk about inflation, recession. I choose not to participate. I just don’t have this defeatist attitude.”


SMarge said...

Oh my gosh; infuriating. SO frustrating! I did not know about his prayer meeting either...burlap and ashes?

Anonymous said...

he may not make it through his term. its been in the paper several times that he has been under investigation by the SEC which could bring about civil charges and that would in turn bring criminal charges by the fed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your can-do Mayor ought to demonstrate his optimism to the good people by running a full, Olympic distance marathon in the heat of Birmingham's summer. That just might put his thinking on a more realistic scale!

Elisa M said...

You used my quote! I feel so cool. Larry chooses not to participate in the recession...great policy in a city of unemployed poor people.
he is amazing

trip said...

SM- there are actually videos of the "prayer meeting" on Youtube

Valerie said...

B'ham couldn't support a hockey team (the Bulls) and can't put bodies in the seats at an arena football game (Steeldogs) -- some of the local high school teams get bigger crowds on a Friday night. A domed stadium? Olympics? Puh-leeze!!