Sunday, February 8, 2009


A phenomenon has been sweeping the Upstate lately. Frankly, it is the greatest thing from Germany to hit this part of the state since the BMW factory. He is more than a man. He is Tonythedancemachine.

We first became aware of Tonythedancemachine (who I simply refer to as "Tony") about a month ago when some classmates of mine encountered him at one night at one of the Clemson bars. In describing Tony to us the next day, they handed us his business card (which is awesome) and explained that Tony is originally from Germany, doesn't drink, and simply loves to dance. According to our friend, Tony originally came over to the US to work as an engineer, but has recently been going through a divorce and generally sort of a rough patch, and decided that in order to deal with it, he would just dance. Upon further investigation it would seem that he has been visiting various venues up in Greenville for a while, but heard that Clemson was pretty fun, so he apparently makes weekly trips to the Clemson bars nowadays.

Basically his M.O. is this: Tony shows up at a bar, dressed in his tight Levi's, tight Under Armour, and matching brightly colored tennis shows. He walks around a little bit to scope out the scene and then, upon starting to feel the beat, breaks it down. A circle forms around him with everyone watching, laughing and pushing girls in for Tony to dance with. Tony doesn't ever really seem to be phased by this and usually appears to be having a good time. Sometimes the dancing borders on lewd, but it is usually because the girls make it that way. Tony usually stays and dances for a little while, say, half an hour, before making his exit and presumably going to another bar.

I think that Tony can be hired for parties, I'm not exactly sure, but based on the fact that he has business cards and has formed his own LLC, I'm thinking that he does. He is quite internet saavy and has his own website and Myspace page which are both worth taking a look at. On his website you can view more pictures and videos of his impressive dance moves. Overall, I think Tony's a pretty good guy. It seems that he doesn't have ill intentions, and is simply having a good time. He also brings seems to make everyone around him have a better time, so what's not to appreciate about that?