Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zero Halliburton cases

The 12th episode of the first season of LOST, titled "Whatever the Case May Be," features a briefcase that belonged to the deceased Federal Marshall who was on flight 815 and the mystery about what is inside of it. The briefcase featured on show is a Zero Halliburton case.

You probably recognize these cases from numerous other TV shows and movies. In fact, the Zero Halliburton website actually features a page that lists all of its appearances on the big and small screen, and it is quite a list. If a director needs a case to transport some sort of nuclear device or top secret or contraband item, Zero Halliburton is inevitably where they turn. As a result, it is probably one of the most badass looking briefcases you can carry.

According to Wikipedia, "Erle P. Halliburton, the founder of Halliburton, had commissioned the aluminum case in 1938 from aircraft engineers because other luggage could not endure the rough travel through Texas oil fields in a pickup truck." They now make cases in all sizes and shapes, but the majority of them still feature the distinctive appearance of the original. With computer cases starting around $250 and prices going up over $1,000 for the luggage, they certainly aren't cheap. However, if you need a case that will take a beating and seal out dust and water, I'm not sure if there are many better choices. Plus, what could be better than showing up at work with a case that looks like the one that carries the nuclear football?

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