Thursday, April 9, 2009

Make your own gin

With the weather starting to warm up, gin and tonics are sounding better and better. While I normally just drink Gordon's or Beefeater (if I'm feeling fancy), I've been thinking lately about making my own gin. Since vodka is basically just unfinished gin, it doesn't require much more than putting some spices into a bottle of vodka and letting it sit for a few weeks, it seems like a fairly economical way to create my own special blend.

After doing a little searching on the internet, I came across this website that seems to have a pretty easy guide, including a suggested recipe for the amount of spices to use. I am most likely going to start with this one, though I might try adding some cucumber to it, in the spirit of Hendrick's Gin (though I have yet to actually try it yet; the concept sounds good though). I will provide an update if and when I actually try it.


M.Lane said...

A worthy effort but I think I would leave it to the professionals. Also, didn't they say a lot of people went mad or blind or something drinking bathtub gin during Prohibition?

Hendrick's is superb. It has put me back on drinking gin after a long time away.


trip said...

From what I understand, the problems associated with making gin in bathtubs back in Prohibition times came from impurities getting in during the actual distilling process, not from the flavoring. Though related, gin was often made because the flavor from the botanicals would mask the wretched flavor of the homemade booze.

DAM said...

Trip - Since the weather is rainy and grey all along the Eastern Sea board, as soon as it is bright, run man, don't walk, run to the nearest patio bar and get a Hendricks and Tonic - its amazing. Fresh, crisp, and refreshing.