Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog of note: Unabashedly Prep

The author of Unabashedly Prep, himself (apparently)

OK, so I have made a pretty conscious effort to not really add any blogs to my blog roll that include the words "prep" or "preppy" in them. There are a million of these blogs out there that label themselves as the "Preppy _____," and while I am tempted to name some specifically, that wouldn't be in good taste. Anyways, while I do occasionally used "the p-word" on this blog from time-to-time, I find most of the "preppy" blogs really either stretch it when it comes to incorporating the "preppy" theme, or really way over-do it.

When I first saw the blog Unabashedly Prep a few weeks back, my first impression was that this guy fell into the latter category. However, after giving it a second look, I think that he really does a quality job, there is some nice stuff to look at there, and his stuff about Sid Mashburn is really great. Thanks to him, I'm going to have to make a trip down there (though I may wait until I actually have some money...). Anyways, I'd recommend checking it out, and will be adding his blog to my blog roll.


F.E. Castleberry said...

Thanks for the nod. I appreciate you adding UP to your blog roll based on its content. I completely understand your aversion to the "P" word. And yes, there are a ton of blogs out there abusing the word. It's been given a bad rap lately by a generation who associates it with Abercrombie & Fitch, being a douchebag...and who knows what else. My definition hails from the mid-70's...essentially holding a similar meaning to "Trad" today...or Ivy League.

Ultimately, I chose Unabashedly Prep because I wanted people to know what it was all about before they even visited the site. I believe the content on the site will help further define its name.

Cheers my man! And say hello to Sid and the boys for me when you stop by :) And yes, you'll want your wallet when you go...they think very highly of their line (as well they should). Still some affordable pieces to be found though.

Anonymous said...

Trip: I've followed your clever blog for some time now, and am surprised to see you go so wrong here. This guy needs a crotch punch.

BeauJest said...

Because you suggest it, I'm gonna look...but that shot you posted is really, really off-putting.