Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Iphone app: I Am T-Pain

A couple of months ago we renewed our contract with AT&T and I had the option to get an Iphone. However, I had been using a Blackberry for the previous two years and ended up getting one again (the 8900). I absolutely love it. Job hunting would be infinitely more difficult without it. I have never once regretted getting the Blackberry over the Iphone. Until today.

This morning I came across a new app called I Am T-Pain which is basically an Auto-Tune app for your Iphone. Just download it (only $3!), plug your Iphone into some headphones or speakers, put on your favorite T-Pain song (including one of the six or seven free songs that come with the app), and sing into the phone's microphone. Your voice comes out sounding like T-Pain's! It is even customizable where you can alter which key it adjusts your voice to.

I downloaded it onto my brother's Iphone and can attest that it is indeed pretty awesome and a lot of fun. I'm hoping that more songs will be released for it, like "Blame It" by Jaime Foxx and T-Pain, or maybe even "I'm On A Boat" (though that song is a bit past its prime).

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Dusty said...

This is the 2nd cool app I have seen for the Iphone. The other is the Rackem Rack bobble head app. Hilarious.