Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review: LL Bean Signature shoes

With my Christmas money I picked up two new pairs of shoes from LL Bean Signature. I got a pair of the Signature Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe (in the original Marsh Brown color), and a pair of suede Eastport blucher mocs, in the Dark Khaki color. Here are a few thoughts on each pair.

Although there were a number of reviews for these boots when they first came out, I've got to say that really like the Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe. Not only do they look good, and also provide a different look from the typical Bean Boot, but they also are really light, especially compared to the leather 10" Maine Hunting Shoes that I have (they are the same height). As a result, they'll probably be more comfortable to wear as the weather gets warm.

As for the blucher mocs, I certainly like the appearance. The suede seems nice and I like the color, especially with jeans (though some of the indigo from my jeans has begun to rub off on them). I like the fact that they have the old type of moccasin sole (not the kind used on the regular LL Bean blucher mocs), and they seem like they might have a slightly rounder toe box than the regular kind. However, the thing that I'm not a big fan of is the insole.

The regular Bean blucher mocs come with a removable insole with a leather liner underneath. The Eastport blucher mocs have a leather insole that is not removable. As someone who wears Superfeet removable insoles with my shoes for arch support, I'm unable to use them with these shoes, and find that the insole that comes with the shoe is not quite as comfortable. Also, I've got a feeling that the insoles may get gross pretty quickly if they are worn sockless (though this isn't really a problem for me). It's not a dealbreaker for me, but it is something that I would change if I could.

On a somewhat related note, many people are aware that LL Bean Boots can be resoled for around $40 when the soles get worn down. Something that people may not be aware of is the fact that Bean Boots can be resoled to a different size. So, if you've found a great pair on Ebay but are one size too big or too small, you should be able to send them back to Bean for resoling into the size that you need.


Anonymous said...

i own the 'ranger' height of the same suede moccasin and the insoles are also my biggest gripe: i appreciate that the insoles are leather but there's no arch support and at the day's end my heels are killing me. if only i had a million pairs of leather quoddy insoles for every pair of shoes i own..

John said...

The mocs don't look like anything very special. It might be better to go to a local store in person to buy that sort of thing, IMHO.

C said...

man i love my moccs. the insole never really bothered me.

John Wade Ginn said...

I love my signature waxed canvas bean boots, I also have the 6" brown bean boots and wanted to go with a 10 or 12" bean boot but after I saw the waxed canvas I had to pick them up. They are definitely A awesome boot.

The Captain said...

I just picked up a pair of the 10" Waxed Canvas Hunting boots and can honestly say I've never owned something quite like them. Great quality, great fit, all around great product.