Monday, July 28, 2008

Anthony Bourdain in Charleston

A clip from the episode of "No Reservations" when Anthony Bourdain visited South Carolina.


Elisa M said...

So, have you been to an Oyster Roast? Charleston looks so charming-made me want to come visit. And Bourdain is totally hot, in a badass, beer drinking, cigarette smoking foodie sort of way.

trip said...

No, haven't been to one yet. It isn't a month that has an "R", so I'm not even sure if they're selling oysters now. I did have a guy in my program bring a bushel back to Clemson back in April and we did an impromptu oyster cookout on the bed of his truck in his yard, which was pretty fun.

Oh, and Bourdain has, according to Wikipedia, given up smoking since the birth of his son last April. Maybe not quite as badass now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that segment. I saw Tony's show on Charleston and loved it -- he did keep a open mind and I think he was surprised quality of life in the Low Country, which ain't no surprise to we Southrons.