Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Charleston/Sullivan's Island muxtape

After espousing the merits of muxtape recently, I finally put my own mix together. It is inspired by my experience spending the summer in Charleston/Sullivan's Island. I have tried to capture the mixture of Southern culture with beach/maritime culture that seems to exist down here. I'm not sure how well it was accomplished, though: you be the judge.

As a note regarding the use of muxtape, I will simply state that I hope that they add support for MP4 files soon, as it was a bit of a hassle to convert all of my MP4 (Itunes) files into MP3 before I could upload them. Also, if you have music that was purchased via Itunes (as opposed to ripped onto Itunes from a CD), it is most likely a secured MP4 file (an M4P file, to be exact) and can only be converted to an MP3 with a significant amount of work.


Patrick said...

Great mix, Trip. I could feel the humidity oozing around me - or maybe that was just Birmingham.

But I've got a question: how do you find more mixes? I didn't see a search feature on the site.

trip said...

I don't think there really is a search function, but if you are on the muxtape home page, all of those colored rectangles with usernames in them are peoples' mixes. Also, you should check out the other two that I posted a little while back.

Patrick said...

Yeah, I really like the Americana one.