Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flags that I like

This post doesn't really have much behind it other than my personal preferences. I considered writing a whole post devoted to the first Navy Jack/Gadsden flag, but decided to just make this instead. For, in descending order, these are my top three:

1. The Virginia state flag

What's not to like about a guy bare-breasted woman with a spear standing over a dead tyrant? I haven't lived in VA in a long time, but I sort of want to move back just so I can hang this flag up outside of my house or buy a belt with the flag on it.

2. The First Navy Jack

I couldn't decide between the First Navy Jack or the Gadsden Flag, but I think I like this one more. In case you want to read more information about the First Navy Jack, there is, apparently, an entire website devoted to it. If you want to find out about the Gadsden Flag, you can check out the Wikipedia entry.

3. South Carolina state flag

How could I live in South Carolina and not pick this flag? Admittedly, though, I have grown a bit sick of how overdone it is in this state. It is really difficult to conceive of an object that this flag has not been put on and sold to college students (yes, I will admit to owning a belt with the flag on it). It should also be noted that the crescent is not actually a moon, but is, instead, a crescent (find out more at Wikipedia).


Patrick said...

"Don't tread on me" = totally badass.

trip said...

No doubt. Those guys back in the 18th century were much bigger badasses than American nowadays.

Anonymous said...

God bless the Palmetto state. We love it and its flag. Even here in the Bluegrass, small stickers of the S.C. flag are attached to every third vehicle on the road!

Elisa M said...

ok, how many belts do you have? do tell.

trip said...

You know, Elisa, that is something a gentleman never reveals. I will say, however, that I could feasibly wear a different belt every day for, oh, say, the month of February (during a Leap Year).

Anonymous said...

I have 3 belts. I have a black, a brown and another one that is strictly for whipping Mr. Reed's a$$.

Anonymous said...

That's a woman with a bared breast and a phrygian cap in the seal of Virginia not a dude.

trip said...


Thank you for the heads up. I guess I should have done my homework, eh?