Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer drink: Po'mosa

I was not familiar with the beverage known as the "po'mosa" until a week or so ago. Fortunately, some new friends in Charleston were able to enlighten me and introduce me to this nice little concoction.

1 bottle of Miller High Life (the champagne of beers, after all)
Orange juice

Open up your bottle of High Life and drink about two or three ounces. Next, pour orange juice directly into the bottle until it reaches the top (you can drink more beer initially if you would like more orange juice mixed in). Next, kick back and enjoy.


Elisa M said...

you guys are Fancy there in Charleston!

Anonymous said...

I believe that what the English call a Shandy -- over there, its for ladies only. :)

Surely, SunnyD or any equivalent faux OJ would be even better.

porter hovey said...

Oh wow! Huge fan of red beer and michelada . . . can't wait to try beer and oj.

trip said...


Of course we're fancy; I met these people at a Presbyterian church, what else would you expect?

Mr. Bredon,

I'm not so sure about Sunny D. If you try it, perhaps you could report back.


Being unfamiliar with michelada I had to look it up on Wikipedia. After reading about it, I would say that you are braver than I, although I was intrigued. I don't think the po'mosa disappoint, though. At the very least, it is as good as mimosa made with cheap champagne, if not better.

cindy said...

I don't know who you are, but you need to tell me where you heard of the Po'mosa. It was invented by my friend Rob Douglas in Charlottesville, VA and we have been spreading the good news across the southeast.

In fact, the originial drink was made with Sunny D!! Amazing...Seriously, let me know who you heard of it from...Any Chattanooga connection? That is where my husband and I live now...