Monday, November 23, 2009

Southern Staple: Costa del Mars

While guys across the country having been donning Wayfarers and Aviators for the past year or two (not that I have anything against either of those glasses), guys in the South have stuck with their Costa del Mars.

Coming primarily from a deep sea fishing tradition, Costas do have a bit more of a "sporty" look than classics like Aviators or Wayfarers, however, their styling has always been more subdued than Oakleys, and the ability to get nearly every pair in tortoise shell is a great plus. These glasses are more than just a pretty face, though. Their polarized lenses are top-notch, and not only are they well-constructed, but every pair has a lifetime warranty so, in the event that they do break, you can get them repaired, and at no charge if the break was due to a manufacturing defect.

Deep Blue
I've had a pair of Deep Blues (which I think are their best looking model) for three or four years now. They have been great glasses, and after wearing the polarizing lenses, no other sunglasses seem to work as well. While the first pair that I had did break at the hinge a couple of years ago, I mailed them in, expected to follow-up with a $30 or $40 check to pay for the repairs. Instead, Costa sent me a brand new pair at no charge. If that isn't good customer service, I don't know what it. My only complaint about them is that the blue mirrored lenses that I haven't aren't the best for duck hunting.

Costas are especially popular in South Carolina, perhaps due to that fact that most everyone does deep sea fishing, or wishes that they did deep sea fishing. Of the nineteen people in my grad school class, eight of them owned Costas, two of those were girls, and five of them were from South Carolina.

If you're looking for a pair of good sunglasses, I would highly recommend looking at Costa del Mars. They have really expanded their styles and have a number of different lens types, so there is likely a pair that suits your taste. They certainly aren't cheap, but for the quality of the glasses and lenses, and the lifetime warranty, they are worth every penny.


The Duck said...

Most people in Virginia wear them because of the Rock fishing. Started wearing them in a high school and never gave them up, I wear wayfarers and aviators but if I have to do anything that would require croakies (another post) it is my Costas.

RHW said...

Good post. CDM are great glasses, with great customer service. I have the Deep Blue with grey 580 glass and the TP2 with the funky blue tinted lense. Wear the Deep Blue's mostly.

When I don't wear the CDMs I have two pair of Randolph Engineering (Aviators and Crew Chief) for other times.


Anonymous said...

Great post Trip. I've got the Harpoons with the amber lenses, couldn't be happier with the way they work and how they've lasted, including being slept on a couple times and springing back into shape.


JPH712 said...

I've been looking at the Harpoons and am about to pull the trigger, if that is my wife doesn't take the hint. Plus she doesn't like the Wayfarers.

Alabamian by the way.

JRS said...

Great post, Trip. I have a pair of Harpoons (tortoise/amber) and a pair of Fathoms (black/blue). I've had both for years, and recently sent them in for servicing (they have a lifetime guarantee). The experience was amazing - probably worth a follow up post to this one over on my blog...keep your eye out for it. Companies that work like CDM should be commended for their service.

SCO said...

I just recently broke tradition and bought a pair of Maui Jim Typhoons (tortoise/amber) when I needed some new sunglasses. CDMs are great, but they've seem to become sort of a trend on campuses lately (worn with VV croakies - don't get me started on that). I like that I've got something a little different.