Monday, October 20, 2008

A Trip Down Birmingham

The weekend before last I paid a much-needed visit to the Magic City for a long weekend. It was an excellent trip, so for those who might be interested, I thought I would include my itinerary.

-Lunch at Mellow Mushroom with friends who I used to work with at the County (and who are all beating me in Fantasy Football)
-A visit to see a friend who works at the Starbucks in Crestline Village
-Dinner at Al's with above Starbucks friend, along with some other friends who used to work there (Starbucks friends are great ones to have, I should note)
-Had a beer at the J. Clyde with Starbucks friends and some acquaintances from Red Mountain Church (was not as impressed with J. Clyde as I would have hoped)

-Visit with former co-workers at KPS Group (also trying to drum up job leads)
-Visited my Magic City lacrosse teammate at he and his wife's new art gallery, the Dobbs Gallery (if you like art and have not been there, I would highly recommend stopping by)
-Lunch at Cobb Lane Restaurant with former co-workers at Ogletree Deakins (and had the "pleasure" of being waited on by most awkward/nosy waiter who has ever worked in the city)
-Made a trip to my favorite thrift store in the city and picked up two new with tag suits (one was a Corbin, one was a Southwick) which I plan on reselling (though I did sell one to my former roommate who I was staying with; the other is a 43L glen plaid if you're interested)
-Bought my brother three bottles of booze (quality stuff, I assure you) for his 21st birthday and took them to his dorm at Samford
-Had dinner at Jackson's at SOHO with some other lacrosse guys

-Went to lacrosse practice and had a blast
-Went to the St. George Middle Eastern Food Festival with Starbucks friends and enjoyed some authentic Middle Eastern food and belly dancing (spectating, not participating)
-Hung out with a friend at her apartment and watched Florida destroy LSU

Anyways, if you can't tell, it was a great weekend and made me really miss the city. So if you have any leads for real estate jobs there, I'd love to hear about them...

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