Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A whole lotta 80s preppy goodness

Blogger Heavy Tweed Jacket has scanned and posted a number of pages from a 1982 issue of Men's Club, one of those wacky Japanese magazines with a weird obsession with classic American style. These pictures are pretty much awesome. Be sure to check out his post here. Below are just a few of the highlights, in my opinion. I'm looking forward to anything else he's got up his sleeve.


Anonymous said...

Gals in turtle necks and knee socks. Help, my own knees are going weak!

Kim said...

My head is dizzy from the flashbacks.

I had most of those outfits.

#5, #6, #7 for sure (although I'd replace those Bean boots with kelly green Chris Craft shoes that looked similar.

The girl in the shorts even looks like she has on St. Olafs Daughters clogs. I loved those things.

Anonymous said...

Tell me you don't think the girl in #8 looks like Heidi Montag from The Hills

Before she took the bleach up a notch?

Giuseppe said...

I live next to Harvard, and nobody on that campus looks this good anymore.

That girl in the shorts with the socks and the red sweater...damn.

*Pink Preppy Party Girl* said...

Yes, this was me in the 80's. I even had frog embroidered kelly green pants, a frog print turtleneck and a navy blue sweater with a kelly green monogram. I even had blue and green duck boots.
I just found my frog earrings in my jewelry box.