Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alec Newbury: Sartorial Hero

I'm a sucker for Brat Pack and John Hughes movies, but one of my favorites is St. Elmo's Fire. Although Emilio Estevez's character is a super-creeper, and Rob Lowe's character is just weird, Judd Nelson's character, Alec Newbury, is an icon of 80s Georgetown preppy style. He's a guy who favors contrast spread collars, club ties, wearing his jacket collar popped, and has unbelievable, gravity-defying "rich people" hair. Below are some screenshots from the movie for your viewing pleasure.

A nice chalk-stripe suit to begin the movie.

Suspenders and contrast collar, natch.

Tweed jacket, collar-popped, cruising Georgetown in a Jeep.

Notice the ticket pocket.

Side vents are a nice touch.

Jeans, loafers, and a toggle coat for a midnight rescue mission of your coked-up friend, Demi Moore.

Nice combo with the double-breasted jacket.

Not sure what happened to the sweater vest...

Alec Newbury only fights dudes while wearing a coat and tie. And pocket square.

Still drunk in the morning? Pop the collar on your double-breasted jacket, smoke a cig, and grab a tall boy.

Hair still looks great.

Girlfriend just break up with you? No need to look like a complete slob while hanging out in the loft.

Notice the oxford cloth button down is a Polo.

Toggle coat on top of the tweed jacket is a great combo.

Nice looking tartan scarf.

And some random Georgetown preppies at the bar, for good measure.

Can't get enough of Judd Nelson wearing preppy clothes? See my old post about Making the Grade for more pictures.


Corinne and Brad Evans said...

Great post! Love it.

JRS said...

"..unbelievable, gravity-defying "rich people" hair".

Well played.

Charles said...

I haven't seen this since it came out. May have to give it a try. Thanks.

AWL said...

I saw this a year ago, and wrote it off as a movie attempting to be a John Hughes film. The believability was lacking.

However, this post brings to light that this movie is one of the more stylish movies of that 80's genre.

I think I'll give the movie another watch and let the wardrobe better my opinion of it.

Great post.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Even though Alec was a bit of a jerk...still my St. Elmo’s crush!

Charlie said...

Great stills. I've seen this movie a few times and never noticed the pony on Nelson's shirt. I also think that his collar in the third picture looks a lot like R.L.'s Rhodes collar. I guess it wouldn't be surprising if his character was outfitted by R.L. Thanks again for the post.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Fun movie...
And wow...Longwing makes an appearance??!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes.

And, I liked two or three of the pieces on the soundtrack. Haven't listened for ages, forgot the particulars, but I'll be looking for the old soundtrack.

Great post.

Amatourist said...

"I always KNEW he was a Republican". great movie. watched it over Christmas. Hoya Saxa.