Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lake Keowee

Saturday before last was a beautiful day so I drove up to Lake Keowee (which is only about 15 minutes from Clemson) and took these photos from the top of one of the dams. Fortunately there were sailboats out on the lake to add to the scenery.

Sorry about the stray hair or whatever it is that appears to have been on the camera lens.


Tucker said...

Nice pictures, Trip. My parents had a lakefront lot on Keowee. It was beautiful site, but my father was compulsive when it came to purchasing land and they soon bought a lot near Hilton Head and sold the one on Keowee. They never built on the HH lot, either.

trip said...

Thanks. I've never actually been on the lake up there, but some friends of mine and I have rented a house there this weekend, so hopefully it should be a good time (if the weather cooperates).