Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blog of Note: Miss Magnolia

I will admit that I was not familiar with Miss Stallings' blog, Miss Magnolia, until she started commenting on some of my posts, but I am quite happy to have found it.

Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, and currently a student at my alma mater, Samford University in Birmingham, Miss Stallings' blog has the Southern prep thing down to a tee, but not in an obnoxious way. I think that I'm mostly just jealous of her blog's excellent layout (and with Blogger, nonetheless), so hopefully some of her design and formatting skills will rub off on me. I am adding her to my blog roll and think that her blog will add a good, but feminine, perspective. I hope you'll agree.

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thelovelist said...

I love Ahslyns blog! She is actually one of my interns at The Love List, another southern lifestyle blog - www.thelovelist.net, check it out!