Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas: The Foggy Monocle is back!

If you have had the pleasure of reading the unbelievably hilarious (but often offensive) Foggy Monocle, you may have noticed that they have not had an update since September 18th. After that post, the site lay dormant for the past three months with no explanation as to why, or when or if it would be updated again. There were rumors of a book and/or television and/or movie deal, but nothing from any official sources. However, on a whim of procrastination tonight, I decided to pay the page a visit, when what to my wondering eye did appear? but a new post! Definitely not the funniest, but it is good to see that they are back.

I should note that if you are unfamiliar with the Foggy Monocle, it is essentially a website where people submit their IM/Gchat conversations recounting their "gentlemanly" (and gentlewomanly) adventures. Most of the time these adventures result in severe hangovers and/or a trip to get tested for an STD, but they are nearly always hilarious. I should note that if you are easily offended by coarse language or tales of debauchery, you will probably not be a fan. While the exchanges on the site are certainly not reflective of my own behavior, it is very enjoyable, nonetheless, to read about others' adventures.

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RHW said...

Glad to see the FM boys back at it. Some of the funniest reading available anywhere, says the gentleman.