Monday, December 21, 2009

LIFE Photo Archive: Charleston Party

For New Years, I am heading back down to Charleston for a black tie party that some friends of mine are hosting. Last year's party was fun, but this year's party will be at our friend's house South of Broad and I think it should probably be even better. In thinking about the party, it reminded me of some pictures that I saw on the LIFE Photo Archive a few months back.

The pictures were simply labeled "Charleston party" and they were from 1949. Given the lack of context, it was difficult to tell if they were from an actual party in Charleston or from a party based around the Charleston dance. After looking at them a bit more, it looks like they were actually taken in New Jersey, and based on the tiger costume in some of the pictures, I'd put money that they were students from Princeton. It is a bummer that the pictures aren't actually from Charleston, but they are still awesome. Here are just a few:

Is there anything nattier than a raccoon fur coat and a straw boater worn with a tuxedo?


eric said...

I love the 2nd shot from the bottom!

porter hovey said...

This might be the most amazing thing I've seen in awhile!!

Ashlyn Stallings said...

LOVED these! Thanks for scrounging them up!

On one trip to Charleston, I had a tour guide (yes, I have done about 3 carriage tours there) said that Charleston boys went up to Princeton because it was the Southern gentleman's university.

1Y2 said...

I've seen these photos several places, and you hit the nail on the head -- Princeton men and their dates doing the Charleston. Charming!

JMW said...

Great pics! Enjoy your time in Charleston and Happy Holidays!