Monday, December 7, 2009

4th Annual Day After Thanksgiving Sporting Clay Shoot

This is a little late, but if you've been reading here for a while, you may remember last year's post on our family's 3rd Annual Day After Thanksgiving Sporting Clay Shoot. Well, this year, we added a few more family members and went back to Brush Creek Sporting Club for the 4th Annual Shoot. Here's a picture of our whole crew:

Here is last year's picture of my brother and I

and the one from this year. If Barbour is looking to endorse us, we're open to discussions.

Oh, and I won for the fourth year in a row. Hopefully I'll be able to hang on again next year as the competition is getting stiff.


Anonymous said...

Frattiest. Family. Ever.

Memphis88 said...

That's a good looking sweater you brother is wearing.

trip said...


I appreciate that as that was actually a Lands End Fair Isle sweater that I ordered from the 'Bay that ended up being smaller than I thought it would be. He is the natural beneficiary of such mistakes.

So when are you getting your own blog? I've been hoping you'd start one for a while.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous. I need to dust of the ole shotgun.

Thet said...

I like the weathered look of your Barbour jacket. I'm hoping to break mine in over the years. Btw, these photos are FAF.