Sunday, November 15, 2009

Avett Brothers- "I and Love and You"

I really enjoy the music of the Avett Brothers, and the fact they hail from North Carolina certainly doesn't hurt. While I don't have their latest album, I and Love and You (yet), their single of the same name (that came out this summer) is pretty great.


Greg said...

I bought the album on vinyl at this wonderful establishment:

It came with a code to download the whole album on MP3 as well. Between this and Girl Talk, my studying music needs have been sufficiently met.

Josh said...

Love the Avett brothers and love that they are from the charlotte area. Saw them a couple months ago here before the release of the album. I thought it was great that they talked about some memories of childhood in this area that I also share. Anyway, I think its a good album. But, I much prefer the earlier stuff. I understand that this album is "mainstreamed" a little bit, but I miss the banjo and "rootier" feel of earlier albums.

Joseph said...

I really enjoyed Emotionalism, but I and Love and You has it beat hands-down as a cohesive album. But even its individual songs show a more sophisticated approach to songwriting. I don't think this is a bad thing, since they do a better job as a folk-influenced band rather than a full-on folk or old-time band, i.e. Old Crow Medicine Show.

At any rate, I saw the Avetts in Oxford, Miss about two months ago and it was a stellar show. I recommend seeing them if you get the chance.