Monday, November 16, 2009

Recommended: Palmetto Cheese

Photo taken from this blog (because I was too lazy to take my own picture)

For those of you who have been reading this a while, you may remember my Southern Staple: Pimento Cheese post, or my other post when I made my own pimento cheese--which brought about a reversal of my 24 year objection to it. Well, the other day my mom spotted some Palmetto Cheese at Costco and picked some up. After giving it a try, first on crackers, then on a sandwich, I've got to say this is the best store-bought pimento cheese I have had. Really, this stuff almost makes making your pimento cheese a moot point.

She bought the regular, not the jalapeno, and it was not too sweet or too mayonnaisey, with sharp cheddar and just the right amount of heat. I would like to give the jalapeno a try, though. Interestingly enough, according to the website, they use Hellman's mayonnaise; this is sure to stir up trouble with those who insist on using Duke's.

On top of being delicious, this stuff is made at Pawley's Island, SC, so obviously they know what they are doing. According to their website, it is available at Publix, Piggly Wiggly, Costco, Harris Teeter and Bi-Lo (and some other place called Central Market, which I have never heard of). You may have to request it, but I suggest that you do.


Jason said...


Central Markets is a luxury brand of HEB, Texas' largest grocery store (actually Texas' largest employer too). Think Whole Foods (also a Texas institution) but slightly less expensive and better.

Anonymous said...

Easily the best prepackaged on the market and maybe as good as any I've had period. I think cream cheese is the secret.


Ed Forbes said...

Yankee that I am, this looks deeply appetizing. Going to have to try to make some or locate Palmetto up here.

Anonymous said...

Tripper, the jalapeno on a triscut is highly addictive. You will not be disappointed. -Willy F said...

I want to say thank you for your taking time to post this. My wife and I started Palmetto Cheese back in 2006. It has developed quite a loyal following. My wife is from Atlanta and I am from Louisiana. We moved to Pawleys Island 8 years ago to take over Sea View Inn on on the beach. Palmetto Cheese, the brand, began on the ocean porch of our inn as we served it as an appetizer exclusively for our guests. It has since taken on a life of its own.
Please join our facebook fan page and keep tabs on us. And thanks again.