Thursday, November 12, 2009

Porsche 944

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If I were in the all-too-common scenario where someone offered to give me my choice of any non-911 Porsche (not including the Cayman), my choice, hands-down, would be the 944.

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Built between 1982 and 1991, this car just oozes 80s awesomeness, without being as obnoxious as other 80s sports cars like the Lamborghini Countach. While it isn't as fast the 928, it does come in a turbo version, and seems like it would make a great daily driver with plenty of fun leftover.

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Besides, if it was good enough for Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles, how can you go wrong?


L.A.S said...

Mid Engine sports cars have no life...or so I hear.

Josh said...

A man after my own heart....and garage. Mine was my dad's. The turbo variety. I guess the best things in life are broken in, well taken care of, and passed down. I miss dad but get to sit with him for a while every time I take it out for a spin on an autumn day.

npmaslow said...

I miss my '89 - brilliant ride/handling balance - practical enough too with the hatch and decent gas mileage. Too bad about the common oil leaks and dodgy HVAC though - it was not the easiest car to live with after 100k miles.

Anonymous said...

The 944 is a great car to buy right now, but buy it right. Make sure you get one in good condition cosmetically. It's easier to fix mechanicals than to get into fixing paint and interior bits and pieces. For less than $7,000, you can find one in this condition.

I'm a 911 guy (on my second), but I do like the 944s as well. I saw a bunch of them back when gas hit $4.00 a gallon. I think everyone was parking their SUVs and driving their gas-sipping sports cars.

Check in the various markets nearby for a well taken care of version. I would avoid the turbo unless you bank some extra repair money. Then, don't get into a drag race with a Civic SI or a Subaru......

Unknown said...

Is this the same Porsche from Risky Business?

trip said...

Thanks for your comments and input. I'm glad to hear that there are others who also have a special place in their hearts for the 944.

No, that was a 928 in "Risky Business." From what I understand, the 928 was actually on-par with, or could even outperform a 911, but to me they are pretty awful looking.

Brian said...

you must be a coupe guy. Not a bad thing most of my Porsche friends are coupe guys. I"ll admit I'm jaded because I'm cab guy, but managing a Porsche dealer for a number of years i can tell you whenever a 944 came in for service the service manager knew he was going to have a big bonus month. They are however beautiful machines!