Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin carving

I was hanging out with my friend, Sarah Margaret, in Birmingham on Sunday and she, being in possession of an uncarved pumpkin, suggested that we do something about it. With Halloween past us, we looked for a turkey pattern online and upon finding one, Sarah Margaret used her amazing artistic skills to basically free-hand this turkey. I provided the manly knifework. It turned out to be pretty much the best pumpkin turkey ever. Feel free to set this as your desktop image.


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

DAM said...

That's pretty awesome. Cover the exposed parts with vaseline and they won't rot as quickly.

How did Harry Krane turn out?

SMarge said...

Turkey pumpkin rotted. I have to throw it away; sad. I'm glad we have this picture to prove it's awesomeness.