Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blog of Note: Bhamarchitect's Blog

Thanks to a retweet of Charlotte Donlon's by Elisa, I came across the blog of Birmingham architect and developer Jeremy Erdreich, Bhamarchitect's Blog. While I was not familiar with Mr. Erdreich himself, I am familiar with some of the buildings he has worked on, including the renovation of the Phoenix Lofts and 2nd Row--the shops of 2nd Ave. North where Urban Standard is located. After looking at some of the stuff on his blog, and some of the buildings he has worked on, it is clear he has some good ideas regarding urban infill and redevelopment. Infill and redevelopment are some of the "sexiest" types of development to do, but also some of the most difficult. Having been involved in the Birmingham architecture scene myself, I am glad to see that as an architect who is also involved in development, Mr. Erdreich has a good perspective on the difficulties and realities that developers face, factors that sometimes seem to be lost on designers and architects. If you are interested in urban redevelopment, or Birmingham in general, I suggest checking out his blog, as well as the websites for his two companies, Erdreich Architects and Metropolitan.


wingtip blog said...

Bookmarked, thanks. (prospective urban studies major)

Anonymous said...

I lived in Birmingham for a long time and loved the architecture. I think the elevation changes made for more interesting variation in styles and the way houses were set on the land. I lived in eyesite of two of Mr. Erdreich's designs. One was really interesting and the other was ok.