Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recommended: Birkenstock Blue Footbed Arch Support Insoles

If you're like me, you probably enjoy wearing boat shoes, moccasins, or other shoes that have absolutely no arch support. While I am typically a subscriber to the "sometimes it hurts to look good" school of thought, last fall my knee really started to bother me. I've never really had any other joint issues, but I eventually figured that it was a result of wearing shoes with absolutely no support pretty much every day. Knowing that I needed to do something about it, I went and talked to my buddy Sean who works at Abbadabba's, a local shoe store that caters primarily to hippies, outdoorsy people, and weirdos who insist on wearing vegan shoes.

After trying out several different kinds of insoles, I eventually decided on the Birkenstock Blue insole. It was actually pretty incredible; as soon as I tried them, the pain in my knee immediately went away. Unfortunately they were about $60, but one of the benefits of having a friend who is a manager is at a shoe store is he hooks you up with his discount (thanks, Sean).

I've been wearing them for probably four or five months now and have to say that I am very pleased. They fit in pretty much any shoe that I own (primarily my boat shoes and Bean Blucher mocs), and are fairly comfortable. In fact, if I try going without them for any period of time, it isn't long before my feet and knee start to hurt. My primary quibble with them, aside from the price, is that they do not work so well with sockless wear. They can become dirty and a bit smelly pretty quickly. There are some other companies that make plastic insoles, and I may look into them once the weather gets warmer. However, if you wear boat shoes and/or moccasins on a regular basis, I would highly recommend these. While you can find them online, I would really recommend finding a place near you where you can try them on, though they did seem to fit pretty true-to-size.


Anonymous said...

Good advice, I need to pick up a pair of something like this. My wife has had really good luck with Superfeet stuff, also pricey but with a ludicrously long trial period (something like 60 days money-back, no questions asked). They're definitely more along the plastic non-stinky lines

Anonymous said...

Oy vey! How much would you pay if you had to have foot and knee pain for the rest of your life, just to get rid of it? Lol...sorry, but obviously you are too young or blessed to have any sense! (Just teasing, I don't know you at all!) I've been dealing with heel pain since the mid 90's, and Birkenstocks footwear is the ONLY thing that has eliminated it from life and caused me to be able to live, dance, run, walk, whatever I want....feeling good and fancy free! (Although admittedly the sandals are hard to dance in with that rubber part on the bottom!)

And I don't begrudge the money it takes to do all of that! In fact, I now have a complete Birkenstocks - Footprints wardrobe that I adore! Sandals, slip ons for business, even sneaker looking types for working out! LIFE IS GOOD! I say it is all in your attitude....and when a product is made well, and they stand behind it, let's celebrate companies that do that...not begrudge them their profit.

In fact, if we hadn't bought into Walmart's 'cheaper is better' mentality in this country, we might still have some manufacturing jobs, or some products, that with a little care, actually could stand up over the long haul! So I say, GO BIRKENSTOCKS! Continue to make quality, and know that some in this world still appreciate that and applaud it!

Lol, and I hope you are open minded enough to 'hear the opinion' of one who carries her soapbox with her!

Soapbox Diva
(and no I don't have a blog, and am not the one who is using that handle now....I had it first, just didn't want the work of the blog! (grin!) It's so much more fun to come and leave comments on everyone else's!)

Anonymous said...

I wear insoles all the time because I have knee and ankle issues and have the same problem with sockless wear smelling them up pretty badly. My solution was to go to a craft store and buy a patch of leather that I glued to the top of the insole with shoo goo. Worked like a charm.