Friday, February 19, 2010

On Contrast: What I'm Wearing Today

I put together this little graphic below (all the rage on the blogosphere) to show what I'm wearing today. I think that what this combination really demonstrates is the principle of contrast. For example, there is the contrast between the British hunting origins of the Barbour and the American sailing origins of the Authentic Originals. There is also the contrast between the Brooks Brothers oxford cloth shirt, a boardroom staple, and the Pendleton board shirt, a lumberjack staple (presumably). The jeans and the belt serve as anchors for everything else and are fairly unremarkable. I think that this is a principle which is one that is espoused in The Official Preppy Handbook--the only style guide a person could ever need--and is also popular on the blogsphere nowadays, where it can sometimes be taken to the extreme (Bean Boots with a suit, anyone?).

What I'm Wearing (sorry, no links) Gap Authentic Fit jeans
Brooks Brothers Original Polo Shirt, but without a tie (none of that slim-fit business)
Pendleton Board Shirt in the "Authentic MacLean Tartan" (a thrift store find)
Barbour Bedale (but with the old tartan on the inside) with pile liner (not pictured)
Sperry Authentic Originals
Royden shot shell belt


brado said...

pretty much wearing the same thing... my barbour bedale, southern proper button down( also no tie or slim fit), j.crew classic officer khakis and my brown sperry origionals. I feel it is a good comfortable laid back at the office look. Seeing that it is friday at the office, all is well.

J.P. said...

How do you do pics like that?

SMarge said...

I'm glad that I can envision you in my mind and know exactly what you wore today. That's fabulous. Only you, Trip.

trip said...

Not a lot to it. Basically just go find pictures of the products you're looking for (particularly try to find ones with white backgrounds; they are surprisingly easy to track down), save them on your computer, open and paste them all into some kind of graphics program (I use Gimp and paint.NET, both of which are free; I now recommend paint.NET over Gimp) or even Paint that came with Windows, resize and move them around, and then save the whole thing out as a jpg.

gene said...

great combo, definitely going to have to pick up one of those belts! they have a great one with an elk on it too. nice find!