Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ellie's Bow Ties review

A couple of weeks ago I gave an endorsement for Ellie's Bow Ties based on what I had seen so far, though without actually trying one of the bow ties myself. Well, after writing that, Ellie's husband Andy got in touch with me and he and Ellie were generous enough to offer me a discount on a tie in exchange for a writing a review. Well, I picked out the Red Plaid Wool bow tie (which can currently be seen on the website), and it arrived this past Friday.

While it may seem convenient to write a positive review on a product that was provided at a discount, I am being completely honest when I say that this may be the most well-made bow tie that I own. The standard width and length are both good, it has a nice weight, the fabric is soft, and it ties nicely.

However, for whatever reason, I think the thing that I might be the most impressed with is the slider. It is very well sewn and I like the black material and black slider. Also, I love the label and think that it is a great touch.

So now, having actually experienced one of Ellie's Bow Ties myself, I can honestly say that I think these have to be the best bow ties you can get for your money (if not just the best bow ties, period). At $23 these things really are a steal, so I suggest going and buying one today.

Oh, and the best part is, these ties are made right in the great state of South Carolina. That is definitely something that few other companies can boast about.


L.A.S said...

Impressive...they were giving away a free one awhile back...I wonder who won it?

JRS said...

Very nice. I've never been much of a bow tie guy, but this seems like a good way to start.

Nicholas said...

I just received my custom order from Xoelle and it turned out great. One BB, one Lilly, and one Pendleton tie converted. I'm not sure if you've written a previous post about her, but if not you might consider doing one in addition to the Ellie stories. She has my vote of approval.


Anonymous said...

Great Bowtie indeed. Could that be a Harris Tweed jacket you are wearing with it. Certainly looks like it.

Lorna from the Harris Tweed Authority here, along way away on the Isle of Lewis

trip said...

Why yes it is. I bought it at an estate sale and it doesn't have any tags on the inside except for an older-looking Harris Tweed label. It is my go-to jacket when the weather gets cold.